Lambda Architecture vs. Java 8 Lambdas

Actually the Lambda buzz word appears often in IT publications. Some reader may get confused and put the article in the wrong context, because actually there are two completely different topics with a similarity in the title: Lambda (λ)

1. Java SE 8 Lambdas

Lambdas introduced with the new Java SE 8 targets functional programming aspects.

With the introduction of lamdas, Java has now the ability to handle funtions as method parameters. Other programming languages belonging to the class of functional programming languages are: Haskell, Clojure, Lisp

Here an example taken from the Java SE documentation page:

Call a method an put functions as parameters:


2. Lambda Architecture (Big Data)

Lambda Architecture was introduced by Nathan Marz. It describes roughly spoken a design in the big data area, which combines a batch layer of data processing (with higher latency) with a speed layer that makes use of stream processing tools like Storm to produce real time views. The user gets data combined from both layers so that he can see actual data in real time. Real time views from the batch layer, which typically uses Hadoop’s MapReduce to aggregate/transform raw input data, can be achieved by using elephantDB. The layer between the batch layer and the user is called serving layer.

Have a look to Nathan Marz’s book, chapter 1, section 1.7 Summary of the Lambda Architecture to get more informations about this.


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