Avro reuse of custum defined types

It took me some time to find out that avro allows us to reuse custum types so that we get can build complex types that are composed of other complex types that we defined by ower own.

Look at the following example schema definition:

This kind of schema definitions is allowed if there is another schema definition file which defines the type org.woopi.avro.CompoundSubTypeExtended.

I used the following example for my tests:

If you compile the files with the Avro schema compiler that is included in the avro tools jar file avro-tools-1.7.6.jar that can be downloaded from Avro java jar mirror,it is important that the compiler gets all schema files at once so that it has a possibility to get informations from one type to be used in another one.

It is possible to use the java command with multiple single schema files and directories as input:

Or for ANT fans:

One thought on “Avro reuse of custum defined types

  1. Hi Martin,

    thanks for this post. it really helped me.

    Do you know if schema reuse is possible also from avro maven plugin ? I tried and it didn’t work.


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