Asciidoctor-latex patch for html backend offline usage

After you have installed the asciidoctor-latex package from github following the instructions in the you can generate pretty cool html pages with mathematical formulas. All the advantages of asciidoc can be combined with latex features to generate html(5) webpages.

In the newest version of asciidoctor-latex at the time of writing this blog (29/01/2016) the generated html files contain a couple of links/references to internet resources:

  1. a css style sheet to load google webfonts
  2. the javascript library jquery
  3. the javascript library MathJax

Due to those dependencies the html files / documents generated with asciidoctor-latex can be used on webservers for use in situations when you have internet connection, but the document will not render the mathematical formulas correctly, if the internet connection is missing.

To get rid of this restriction the named resources can be downloaded from their internet locations and stored locally in corresponding subdirectories. If you don’t want to do this by yourown, I bundled all resources in a zip archive for you.

[download internet resources]

To make the generated html files usable offline, unzip the downloaded file in the same directory where you find the html file.

Now you have to make some changes to your asciidoc-latex installation, so that the generated html files contain links to the local resources instead of the internet links in the original distribution.