Hadoop 2.6.0 API Javadoc (with private classes/methods)

If you ever wrote some MapReduce program using SequenceFile you may have asked yourself what methods in detail are available in the class created by the methods createWriter( ). The standard javadoc from apache’s website doesn’t show this information:


This is why I regenerated the javadoc from the sources with private classes / methods enabled.


You can view the javadocs online or you can download the tarball:

Hadoop 2.6.0 javadoc with private classes/methods (view online)

Hadoop 2.6.0 javadoc with private classes/methods (tarball)

Android API standard javadoc

Android source

On the website android.googlesource.com are all android platform sources available via git repositories or tarballs.

As an example if you want to get the source for the version 4.1.2

Android platform source v 4.1.2

To grad all the files in a tarball you can use

Android platform source v 4.1.2 tgz

Generation of standard javadocs

On windows I got some errors when trying to untar the tarball. Using linux (debian in my case) is a better choice.

After untar of the tgz change to the directory and enter a command like

Maybe the path to javadoc has to be adapted to your distribution.

Android platform standard javadoc v4.1.2 [tarball download]

Android platform standard javadoc v4.1.2 [browse online]

XMing XLaunch tcp listener

During one of the last updates of XMing there was a small but important change which cost me some hours until I found the solution.


The listener for Display 0 which is usually running on port 6000 was not starting with XLaunch. After some investigation and searches in forums I found out that now you have to enter

in the field for additional parameters!